LundbergDesign is a design and strategy firm based in Stockholm. We are working within the fields of industrial design, destination design, transportation design and brand strategy.

With over 25 years of expertise, we design products, services and environments that help organizations to innovate and success. Our design approach is rooted in the Scandinavian tradition, we deliver human-centered, functional and appealing design solutions.


Industrial Design


We believe that knowledge and understanding about future consumers are the keys to good industrial design. Consumers are becoming more demanding about the quality of the products because they have higher knowledge today and more choices than ever before. Products are generally becoming more advanced and the interaction with and between the various services become more important for success. The consumers of today are very aware of the consequences and impact that consumption has on our world, therefore it is even more important to bring well designed and meaningful products and services to the market. All projects are different in nature and through the design process, we create awareness and understanding of each project's unique challenges. As a platform for the design work we create insight of the consumers' needs, longings and desires and we embrace cultural and business values. The success of the product is based on the ability to mediate between consumer insights, technology, art and science.

Destination Design


Development of products, and brands in architectural spaces and environments. It´s about finding the unique character of a brand, building, place, a city - a combination of reputation, history, culture and values. The projects are often based on a deep collaboration of cross over disciplines - specialist in architecture, branding, identity, planning, etc.

Transportation Design


Our transportation design projects are of varying nature, which means that we have gathered knowledge in a wide range of areas. We develop design solutions for public transportation, from pre-studies, user studies and concept development to final design of interior and exterior. We have a wide network of contacts in the manufacturing business and partners we team up with in various projects. Our aim is to provide customer service in all phases of the projects. We develop customized design solutions for all parts of the train, for example: bistro and bars, 1st and 2nd class chairs and tables, luggage racks, light fixtures and other interior fittings. Development of brands and corporate identity is part of our services and include graphics for vehicle exterior and interior. We create photo-realistic images and produce animated films - two powerful tools that can be used for educational or promotional purposes before the vehicle is on the market. We also design exhibition stands and create events to present the project in a attractive way.

Brand Strategy


We believe that a brand is more than a name, a logo, or a slogan – it´s the entire experience the customer have, interacting with the company, product or service.  A brand or a corporate identity that represents something valuable will have an easier time reaching, engaging and keeping customers. At LundbergDesign we work closely with clients in various companies, to articulate and express their brand positions. We combine design thinking and corporate strategies to help them build and grow successful businesses.  Our aim is to position the client´s product, service or destination as something memorable in the mind of the customers.


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