SJ 3000

SJ 3000

Project: SJ 3000
Service: Transport Design
Client: SJ
The train’s appearance is founded on Scandinavian design. The concept is to create a contrast between a clean, stripped exterior and a warm, homelike interior. To strengthen the impression of an efficient machine, only one large SJ logotype adorns the polished surface. The polished stainless steel exterior is a stylish and smart choice. From an environmental point of view, we avoid unnecessary painting and thereby reduce both weight and energy consumption in operation. The SJ 3000 has an extra-wide carbody, which gives benefits such as a spacious interior and more room for seats and luggage. The train is easy to access for everyone, regardless of age or any disability. For example, there are wide, spacious vestibules, information in braille and a wheelchair lift at ground level.

Inside the train, the traveller meets a warm and welcoming environment. Colours and materials blend together in a harmonious unicity. The bright woods, the seating and the lighting amplify the feeling of space. Every single part of the interior, such as seats, lighting, luggage areas, digital screens and a mobile phone area, have been carefully designed to fulfil the unique user experience on the SJ 3000. In first class, a personal sphere has been created with a generous headrest that screens out sound and reduces the field of vision. The textile of the seat and the leather details give an exclusive impression. In second class, the colour scheme is slightly lighter and each seat has extra space for luggage. As a complement to the peaceful interior in the passenger compartments, the bistro combines the sober simplicity of Scandinavian design with the atmosphere of a bar in Barcelona with darker colours, vibrant colour accents, elegant lighting and service at the bar tables. The bistro has been designed in collaboration with Hareide Design. SJ 3000 was awarded with a Red Dot Award in March 2012.With its high design quality, SJ 3000 could inspire the international expert jury of the “red dot award: product design 2012”. It received the globally sought-after red dot for its fine design language in the category product design: transportation

Wayfinding Program Funäsfjällen


Project: Wayfinding
Service: Destination Design
Client: Destination Funäsfjällen

Destination Funäsfjällen (Ramundberget / Bruksvallarna / Funäsdalen / Messlingen / Tännäs / Tänndalen) is responsible for around 180 km of trails and trails for both summer and winter activities. Finding your way around the mountain landscape is above all a safety issue, but also an opportunity to simplify and strengthen the guest experience. The need to renew and improve signage in the area has led to an extensive wayfinding project. LundbergDesign and Visit Design Group has been commissioned to deliver both wayfinding and design strategy that makes it possible to structure and profile the reference to all different activities in the area.

Sign Program Åre

Sign Program Åre

Project: Sign Program
Service: Destination Design
Client: Åre municipality
Year:2004 - 2011

The system is developed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Scandinavia, from wet snow hurricanes to 35 degrees below zero temperature. The unique design is rounded and soft with no visible screws. The system is developed in collaboration with the master of aluminium, Styrbjorn Luning, Sapa.

Södra Cell

Södra Cell Mörrum

Project: Factory tour and Safety Campaign
Service: Destination Design
Client: Södra Cell Mörrum
Year: 2013
As the use of paper declines, the paper pulp industries are starting to explore new markets and offer new pulp grades. Recently, Södra Cell Mörrum factory started to produce a new textile pulp used to produce viscose fibre. LundbergDesign helped Mörrum factory to get prepared for the launch of this new product. In prevision of a large number of visitors to come at Mörrum factory, a visiting tour was developed around the mill. The tour has been developed to fit both the international visitors coming on place to develop new business contacts and the local visitors, including school classes. Under eight main subjects, the visiting tour presents Södra Cell Mörrum’s identity, strengths, purpose and production process. The visitors are invited to follow a guide around the mill. A green line on the ground marks the entire path of the tour.

The information given is supported by a series of posters, identified by a common logo. For a maximal impact and accuracy, the posters present employees and working situations from Södra Mörrum factory. In parallel to the visiting tour, our team has also worked to refresh the mill’s interior and exterior. A new lighting system has been installed in order to enhance the visual comfort and safety of the working environment. A colour guide has been developed to refresh the floor, walls, machines, etc; making the working place safer and also aesthetically more appealing. A series of pictograms has been developed to improve the orientation trough the mill. Outside, some fence and signs has been installed to ensure security of pedestrians. A series of posters have been developed to promote safety at work. A safety logo identifies the poster linked to the safety communication. The posters communicate directly to the workers, using short and memorable statements. To ensure a maximum of impact, the photos of the posters were taken on site with Mörrum´s employees. The strong and constant concept behind each poster ensures an effective and positive connection with the employees.

Design programs for Jokkmokk

Belysningsprogram Jokkmokk

Project: Lighting program, Sign program and Concept program
Service: Destination Design
Client: Jokkmokk municipality
Year: 2014

Design and development of a new design programs for Jokkmokk municipality.

Design programs for Arjeplog

Arjeplog municipality

Project: Lighting program, Sign program and Concept program
Service: Destination Design
Client: Arjeplog municipality
Year: 2015
Arjeplog is Sweden's fourth largest municipality, and the fourth least populated. It is located in the far North of Sweden, in Norrbotten County. The Sami people, mainly fishers and hunters, have occupied the territory as early as 10,000 years ago. In the 1620s, silver was found in the area and a mining industry was established there, from 1635 to 1659. Today, the municipality is popular because of its magnificent natural surroundings and its historical Silver Museum. Due to its climate, Arjeplog also became a popular destination for many of the world's largest automakers. Over the years, Arjeplog became the world largest winter car test centre. In collaboration with the architectural firm MAF Arkitektkontor, we produced three design programs for Arjeplog municipality: a Lighting Program, a Sign Program and a Concept Program. Those design programs give tools to the municipal council to strengthen the municipality’s identity and attractiveness. Our suggestions result from a complete analysis of Arjeplog’s particularities, such as the actual solutions, the climate, the history, the geography, the values and the landmarks. The Lighting Program provides a global understanding of safe, aesthetic and efficient lighting. Following our analysis of the municipality, we suggested overall lighting principles and we selected compliant products from the market. The proposals are illustrated, using places from the municipality as context examples. Our aim for Arjeplog is to harmonize the luminaires through the municipality and to create a “wow-effect” at its entrance. The selected luminaires have a silver finish, in link to Arjeplog Silver history.

We suggested luminaires with a simple and contemporary expression that harmonizes with the present and future architecture. For the entrance of the municipality, we suggested a unique luminaire that is shaped like a shining tree. The luminaire works both as an effective lighting during the dark months around the winter solstice; and as a tree sculpture during the bright months around the summer solstice. It is available with RGB lighting, which means that the trees can glow in different colours through the year, adapting for different seasons and special occasions. The Sign Program presents a complete signage system that enhances the understanding and the experience of Arjeplog. In accordance with our analysis of the municipality, we created a sign system that guides citizens and visitors through Arjeplog, with a unique and representative visual identity. With the right combination of typographies, colours, shapes and materials, we ensure brand recognition throughout the municipality. Different formats of the sign family were developed and illustrated, using places from the municipality as context examples. Our proposal for Arjeplog sign system is inspired by their Silver history and their strong relation with the car industry. We suggested a soft curved aluminium structure and with silver graphic elements that stand out from a dark overall colour. The Concept Program presents conceptual ideas for the close and far-future development of Arjeplog municipality. The aim of those ideas is to find new potential developments toward an economic growth, a social well-being and a sustainable future. The ideas are from different fields, such as architectural, urbanism and artistic. Among others, we suggested the development of a public car testing centre, which could become a touristic attraction. Also, since the Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, had plans to build a new roundabout at the entrance of the municipality, we suggested an installation that would distinguish and represent Arjeplog. Our proposal is a large scale luminaire inspired by the concentric circular tracks made in the snow by the car testing industry. Arjeplog municipal council has approved and adopted the tree design programs. The municipal officials are now starting to integrate our suggestions.

Sign Program – Stockholm Stad

Sign Program - Stockholm

Project: Sign Program
Service: Destination Design
Client: Stockholm stad
Year: 2015

Design of graphic design program and sign system for the city of Stockholm.

Froma – DIV

Forma - DIV

Project: Forma
Service: Destination Design
Client: DIV
Year: 2015

Creative space development for Forma. The vison of Forma is to create an "under one roof " innovative / creative physical environment and meeting place . An environment in which ideas for products, services and experiences , in different types of workshops , and through various design and innovation processes can be developed , tested , further developed and realized in a specially suitable prototype formats.

Sign Program – Kiruna

Kiruna Sign Program

Project: Sign Program For Kiruna
Service: Destination Design
Client: Kiruna municipality
Year: 2015

Design and development of a new design program for Kiruna municipality.

Joakim – IKEA

Project: Office Chair
Service: Industrial Design
Client: IKEA
Year: 2007

Design and development of a home/office swivel chair for IKEA. A sustainable and recyclable design produced to minimize the impact on the environment.