> The design process is more or less like a giant puzzle, every project has its own amount of pieces with different shapes, sizes and content. The design process is in a way generic, from the project startup following through the different stages to the final introduction, always approached from two perspectives: The end user´s and that of the creative process.



First thing first, the key issue of the project is defined. We collect valuable insight and understanding through research, benchmarking and trend analysis with the user in focus.



The foundation for the creative process now being set,  tools like brainstorming, mock-ups and sketches are used for evaluation. The research is then organized into cohesive strategies.



The  most promising ideas are narrowed into well-defined concepts. Some refinements are made and we have a final design proposal. We deliver an extensive design package including drawings, visualizations and specifications.



We offer support through the final stages and the manufacturing processes. Further, we can support our clients through presentations, models and prototyping.

Case Studies


Industrial design


> We believe that knowledge and understanding about future consumers are the keys to good industrial design. Consumers are becoming more demanding about the quality of the products because they have higher knowledge today and more choices than ever before. Products are generally becoming more advanced and the interaction with and between the various services become more important for success. The consumers of today are very aware of the consequences and impact that consumption has on our world, therefore it is even more important to bring well designed and meaningful products and services to the market. All projects are different in nature and through the design process, we create awareness and understanding of each project's unique challenges. As a platform for the design work we create insight of the consumers' needs, longings and desires and we embrace cultural and business values. The success of the product is based on the ability to mediate between consumer insights, technology, art and science.




- Product Design

- Concept Development



> Through the design process, we create awareness and understanding of each project's unique challenges. As a platform for the design work we create insight of the consumers' needs, longings and desires and we embrace cultural and business values.




> Inviting and dynamic, that is the lead words for the new Surround office system that we designed for EFG. Surround redefines the working environment and provides architects and planners with a dynamic multifunctional furniture system designed for the Activity Based Office.


Surround configurations fall into two categories:


  • SurroundMe is the optimal unit to retreat for individual concentrated work.


  • SurroundUs form a micro room within a room designed for professional and social meetings.

Surround consist of 10 different parts, angled corners combined with round shapes provides you with a great toolbox to create your own room within a room solutions.



> The success of the product is based on the ability to mediate between consumer insights, technology, art and science.

MTR Express

Transportation design | Brand Identity



> We develop customized design solutions for public transportation, from pre-studies, user studies and concept development to final design of interior and exterior.


We have a wide network of contacts in the manufacturing business and partners we team up with in various projects. Our aim is to provide customer service in all phases of the projects.





> Concept development

> Operation concept development

> Customer concept development

> Service Design

> Strategic Design

> Partners

> Digital systems

> Integration

> By combining innovative design and digital strategy in a coherent way, MTR Express has succeeded to optimize their service and revenue management. In a short time, the company has established itself as one of the most innovative train companies in the world, reaching over 92% customer satisfaction in customer surveys.



> With a tight schedule MTR Express wanted to challenge the railwayindustry in Sweden, starting in early 2013 MTR Express managed to get their train on the tracks within 2 year. LundbergDesign collaborated in a close team with MTR Express to create an intuitive train design that reflected both MTR Express vision and brand. With focus on excellent service at the same time as being in control of revenue and yield management meant that the design process not only included a high end physical environment but also a service environment that could satisfy both consumer, company and personnel.




> LundbergDesigns role was to bring the business strategy into physical reality. The design scoop included:


- Branding: logotype, corporate colours, typeface.


- Train Design: Interior layout & design, colour scheme & materials, seating, accessories, furnishings, bistro & service trolley design.


- Graphic Design: Exterior livery, signage and pictograms.


Through the different brand touch points, the mission has been to give a sense of elegance and to reflect the company's innovative approach.


Combining user experience

and revenue management


> Combing revenue strategies and cutting edge design was essential to archive the level of service that MTR Express was aiming for. With revenue management as a base, the product design began to take shape. When starting from a blank sheet of paper the possibilities are endless, by designing a physical environment that could enhance the customer experience as well let the service hosts grant the customers the best of service, we set out to create a servicescape that was both intuitive for the customer as for the personnel.


Designing for a high level of service


> As every service encounter is unique. With an service design that supports the service hosts so they can work fluently with each customer during the trip.

The train interior meets the highest demands in terms of spaciousness, functionality and comfort. The focus on high-level design solutions benefits both the customer travelling experience and staff onboard activities. The colours and materials provide a relaxing lounge atmosphere. All seats are first class standard, with high-quality fabric and leather.


Collaboration with the right partners


> Finding the right partners is essential to be deliver a high level of service. Creating customer value is a significant part to every partnership. By brand association, additions such as lamps from ateljé Lyktan, clock from Breitling and coffee machine from Nespresso, lift even more the brand perception.


Product design for great
user experience


> The design of the physical product is the core in every service. We innovate, envision and design outstanding products that connect customers and employees on a personal plane.



> Parallel to the design project LundbergDesign was also involved in creating the new web based booking system – the first touchpoint between MTR Express and the customer. The idea was harmonize the booking system with the actual planning and design of the train. Simplicity and reliability are key words for the seamless design of the whole system.


The graphics language is based on a carefully selected typeface with a visually clear design providing the MTR Express brand with a unique and strong identity.


Pull together resources


> To create a seamless service experience its essential to combine and specialize, concept, service and product design to create an unique and competitive experience.



>  93% Customer satisfaction

> SKI: Value 71,6

> 87% Punctuality

> 15 - 20% Market share

    in the first year


Lighting program | Sign program | Concept program | Destination design


> Arjeplog is Sweden's fourth largest municipality, and the fourth least populated. It is located in the far North of Sweden, in Norrbotten County. The Sami people, mainly fishers and hunters, have occupied the territory as early as 10,000 years ago. In the 1620s, silver was found in the area and a mining industry was established there, from 1635 to 1659. Today, the municipality is popular because of its magnificent natural surroundings and its historical Silver Museum. Due to its climate, Arjeplog also became a popular destination for many of the world's largest automakers. Over the years, Arjeplog became the world largest winter car test centre.



> In collaboration with the architectural firm MAF Arkitektkontor, we produced three design programs for Arjeplog municipality: a Lighting Program, a Sign Program and a Concept Program. Those design programs give tools to the municipal council to strengthen the municipality’s identity and attractiveness. Our suggestions result from a complete analysis of Arjeplog’s particularities, such as the actual solutions, the climate, the history, the geography, the values and the landmarks.



> The Concept Program presents conceptual ideas for the close and far-future development of Arjeplog municipality. The aim of those ideas is to find new potential developments toward an economic growth, a social well-being and a sustainable future. The ideas are from different fields, such as architectural, urbanism and artistic. Among others, we suggested the development of a public car testing centre, which could become a touristic attraction. Also, since the Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, had plans to build a new roundabout at the entrance of the municipality, we suggested an installation that would distinguish and represent Arjeplog. Our proposal is a large scale luminaire inspired by the concentric circular tracks made in the snow by the car testing industry.



> The Lighting Program provides a global understanding of safe, aesthetic and efficient lighting. Following our analysis of the municipality, we suggested overall lighting principles and we selected compliant products from the market. The proposals are illustrated, using places from the municipality as context examples. Our aim for Arjeplog is to harmonize the luminaires through the municipality and to create a “wow-effect” at its entrance. The selected luminaires have a silver finish, in link to Arjeplog Silver history.

We suggested luminaires with a simple and contemporary expression that harmonizes with the present and future architecture. For the entrance of the municipality, we suggested a unique luminaire that is shaped like a shining tree. The luminaire works both as an effective lighting during the dark months around the winter solstice; and as a tree sculpture during the bright months around the summer solstice. It is available with RGB lighting, which means that the trees can glow in different colours through the year, adapting for different seasons and special occasions.



> The Sign Program presents a complete signage system that enhances the understanding and the experience of Arjeplog. In accordance with our analysis of the municipality, we created a sign system that guides citizens and visitors through Arjeplog, with a unique and representative visual identity. With the right combination of typographies, colours, shapes and materials, we ensure brand recognition throughout the municipality. Different formats of the sign family were developed and illustrated, using places from the municipality as context examples. Our proposal for Arjeplog sign system is inspired by their Silver history and their strong relation with the car industry. We suggested
a soft curved aluminium structure and with silver graphic elements that stand out from a dark overall colour.



> Arjeplog municipal council has approved and adopted the tree design programs.

The municipal officials are now starting to integrate our suggestions.



Brand Strategy



> A clear definition of Ateljé Lyktan’s brand identity is a key element for the company’s distinction and success.  LundbergDesign helped ateljé Lyktan to develop a Design Manual expressing the company’s philosophy, design approach and production practices. From guidelines concerning material uses to diagrams explaining the launch plan of products, everything is in there to understand ateljé Lyktan’s way of doing things.





> By defining the soul, values and potential of a company design strategy provides an overview of where and who you are. It also helps you plan and move forward.


At LundbergDesign we are working with a customized project process we help the client to create a visual brand strategy. and customer experience that can evolve over time.

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