Klik is a simple, practical, and ambient luminaire which works equally well fitted onto a wall or onto the ceiling, designed by
Olle Lundberg.


It consists of two main variants, a trapezoid, which emits light from three sides, and a circular variant. In both versions of Klik, the light apertures are covered with an opal film as it creates an even luminance.


The shell is made from aluminium because of its cooling properties, a prerequisite for a sustainable

LED lamp. The LED light source means higher luminous efficacy, a longer lifespan, and therefore lower energy consumption. “That would not have been possible with a halogen light source, for example,” explains the design manager Stefan Carlsson.

Project: Wall and ceiling luminaire

Service: Industrial Design

Client: ateljé Lytan

Year: 2014

Link: www.atelje-lyktan.se


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