HallandstrafikenCorporate Identity

Project: Corporate identity
Service:Brand strategy and Graphic Design

Rebranding of the busses in Halland, Sweden. Extensive brand and identity work which involved taking in both the local landscape and surroundings, as well as increasing the brand awareness and public image of Hallandstrafiken.

SAVO 360


Project: Office Chair
Service: Industrial Design
Client: SAVO
Year: 2020
Link: www.savo.se

Savo 360 is designed to express simplicity, a unique design and flexibility. Its circular shape helps it blend easily into different settings without demanding too much visual space. The goal was to create a simple, attractive chair whose design works as a crossover between different applications and suitable for use as a chair for the office, meeting room or lounge.



Project: Roslagsbanan
Service: Interior and Exterior Design
Client: SL

The new Roslagsbanan commuter train designed for SL. The extensive design process has focused on providing a great passenger experience for all, a functional and inviting interior with a modern look & feel together with a stylish and bold exterior. The design work has also involved the design and development of the drivers cab - providing the ultimate driver experience!

DSB Refurbishment

DSB RefurbishmentDSB

Project: DSB refurbishment
Service: Interior and Exterior Design
Client: DSB

Design work in close collaboration with the DSB design team in Copenhagen. Exterior and Interior refurbishment of the existing DSB fleet of regional commuter trains and long distance trains. The picture shows the refurbished Copenhagen S-Tog with the new exterior color scheme.

Wayfinding Program Funäsfjällen

Wayfinding program Funäsfjällen Destination Funäsfjällen

Project: Wayfinding
Service: Destination Design
Client: Destination Funäsfjällen

Destination Funäsfjällen (Ramundberget / Bruksvallarna / Funäsdalen / Messlingen / Tännäs / Tänndalen) is responsible for around 180 km of trails and trails for both summer and winter activities. Finding your way around the mountain landscape is above all a safety issue, but also an opportunity to simplify and strengthen the guest experience. The need to renew and improve signage in the area has led to an extensive wayfinding project. LundbergDesign and Visit Design Group has been commissioned to deliver both wayfinding and design strategy that makes it possible to structure and profile the reference to all different activities in the area.
Read more at https://visitdesign.se/project/funasfjallen/

Sun – Platek


Project: Flood Light
Service: Industrial Design
Client: Platek
Year: 2018
Link: www.platek.eu

High end outdoor floodlight light that is made to work both in public spaces and for home use.

Riff Night – atejé Lyktan

Riff Nightateljé Lyktan

Project: Bedroom Light
Service: Industrial Design
Client: ateljé Lyktan
Year: 2018
Link: www.atelje-lyktan.se

Built from the Riff base, the Riff Night is a multifunctional reading and night light - perfect for the modern bedroom. Created for both private and commercial use and where ever it's used Riff creates the perfect cosy lighting for the bedroom.

EFG – Surround



Project: Office System
Service: Industrial Design
Client: EFG
Year: 2015
Link: https://www.efg.se/familjer/surround/

Inviting and dynamic, that is the lead words for the new Surround office system that we designed for EFG. Surround redefines the working environment and provides architects and planners with a dynamic multifunctional furniture system designed for the Activity Based Office.

Surround configurations fall into two categories:
- SurroundMe is the optimal unit to retreat for individual concentrated work.

- SurroundUs form a micro room within a room designed for professional and social meetings.

Surround consist of 10 different parts, angled corners combined with round shapes provides you with a great toolbox to create your own room within a room solutions.

Inscape – RockIt


Project: Office System
Service: Industrial Design
Client: Inscape
Year: 2018
Link: https://inscape-rockit.com

When designing the RockIt series for Inscape, adaptability, and precision was in focus. By designing a wide range of accessories and add-ons, inspires to create a diverse office space where every individual can adjust their desktop to their personality.

Ateljé Lyktan – Cobbler

Cobbler FAMILJ

Cobblerateljé Lyktan

Project: Pendant luminaire
Service: Industrial Design
Client: ateljé Lyktan
Year: 2015
Link: www.atelje-lyktan.se

At the beginning of the 20th century, the first attempts were made at shading the hitherto much-used, naked incandescent lightbulb. Simple pendant downlights known in Sweden as cobblers’ lamps were common in Swedish homes and were the very first indoor luminaires used in Sweden. The oldest luminaires were made in sheet-metal and their appearance is assumed to derive from the kerosene lamp. During the 1930s and 40s, ateljé Lyktan produced several different models of the Shoemaker bearing Hans Bergström’s signature. Olle Lundberg found his inspiration to create Cobbler among the thousands of sketches and drawings in our archives. Cobbler is a modern luminaire with historic features, equipped with shades in spin-formed aluminium and fitted with modern cold cathode fluorescent lamps to provide a broad, warm light pattern.