Project: Chair

Service: Industrial Design

Client: Brizley

Year: 2016

Repose Chair is a office chair designed by Lundberg Design for Brizley .

With its generous seat and a well-designed back it gives you an embracing sense. The chair has a mechanism with several builtin controls for a more stripped -down appearance, as well as a fully upholstered back . Repose Chair offers a variety of fabrics to choose from, and the decorative split in the backrest gives the chair its character. The split also makes it possible to combine two different fabrics and / or colors in the same chair. The simplicity in the design, in combination with the multiple choices makes Repose Chair easily placed in different environments. Repose Chair has all the features you could possibly want in terms of design and function.


We are creating an office chair for the modern office. With clean lines and

simple look it is easily placed in different types of environments.

“It´s an ergonomic chair with high adjustability in a minimalist package.”

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