Project: Post and wall luminaire

Service: Industrial Design

Client: ateljé Lytan

Year: 2015



Skipper is a winning luminaire in the unique Personal Premium product development project that involved all of ateljé Lyktan’s employees. The project was launched for the purpose of enhancing product knowledge and an understanding of the design process. Together with his team, Olle Lundberg created a luminaire series with a wide selection of optimized light patterns able to illuminate every conceivable type of surface with high quality, energy efficient light in an appealing, visually ergonomic way. The pole luminaire is suitable for roads, footpaths and car parks thanks to its four different light patterns. The lit, translucent opal centre section provides soft, diffuse light that highlights the luminaire and lends it character. At the same time, the visual ergonomics of the entire luminaire are improved by reducing the risk of dazzle and the perceived intensity of the downlight.

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