The need for public Luxury


> While creating something for the public it is important to remember to not only being function oriented. With Street Moves we have aimed to create both functionally and comfort


Slow Streets and fast cities


> As cities and communities move quicker then the general street

Street Moves

Project: Parklet and mobility hub system

Service: Industrial Design

Client: Arkdes

Year: 2020


When we set out to develop the Street moves project we decided to begin with a blank canvas ad really ask our selves - "how can we reinvent the Street to bring the environment closer to the citizens".


Through out a extensive research process  we quickly realized that HUBs we were aiming to create had to consist of a couple of factors.


- Modular

- Flexible

- Environmentally friendly

- Create value for the citizens


To achieve this the Street Moves Module is made of sterdy Scandinavian CLT Wood, which enables rapid implementation and durability years ahead.


Reintroducing wood into the Streets
and creating urban board walks


> Introducing wood into the streets creates a feeling of warmth and softness, in the otherwise hard and concrete filled environment.

> Sustainable and environmentally friendly

> Humble to its surroundings and and does not take over

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