Pepper- ateljé Lyktan


Project: Post
Service: Industrial Design
Client: ateljé Lyktan
Year: 2021

The new street luminaire Pepper has a unique expression and is manufactured in a single casting. Pepper is faceted at the top of the screen, which creates different shapes when the light hits the facets. The inside is equipped with optimal lighting technology for the best possible light distribution.


Nobel Calling

Nobel Calling Stages

Project: Nobel Calling
Service: Design Project Management, Industrial Design
Client: Nobel Prize Museum

Nobel Calling is a reoccurring event that appears in different forms shapes and sizes in Stockholm. For the 2021 edition Lundberg Design was asked to produce three stages that would host both planned and spontaneous activities with the aim to celebrate the human progress. Musicians, actors, dancers and many others will interpret and celebrate together with everyone who passes and strolls through the heart of Stockholm city. The design is influenced by our previous work with Street moves and aims to offset the distinctive pattern that makes up Sergels Torg. With inspiration from natural and unique shapes the Stages appears like colourful islands in the hard environment, and encourages creativity and interaction. The Stages are built from glulam together with Setra Group and will continue to serve as stages for cultural events in other cities, when Nobel Calling is finished.

Street Moves

Street Moves is a cost-effective and simple solution to rebuild the street space. Through a design process based on participation and dialogue are designed Street Moves modules adapted to the specific needs of the site

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Project: Corporate identity
Service:Brand strategy and Graphic Design

Rebranding of the busses in Halland, Sweden. Extensive brand and identity work which involved taking in both the local landscape and surroundings, as well as increasing the brand awareness and public image of Hallandstrafiken.

SAVO 360

SAVO 360

Project: Office Chair
Service: Industrial Design
Client: SAVO
Year: 2020

Savo 360 is designed to express simplicity, a unique design and flexibility. Its circular shape helps it blend easily into different settings without demanding too much visual space. The goal was to create a simple, attractive chair whose design works as a crossover between different applications and suitable for use as a chair for the office, meeting room or lounge, but also work well for the home office.

Pedestrian Protection – St. Eriks Sten

Pedestrian Protection

Project: Pedestrian Protection
Service: Industrial Design
Client: S:t Eriks
Year: 2018

Made for Jernhusen by S:t Eriks, the new pedestrian protection is designed with a playful touch and yet a very functional. The trains can easily be assembled to follow a specific curve or shape and can differ in length to match the surrounding areas.

Riff – atejé Lyktan


Project: Pendant Luminarie
Service: Industrial Design
Client: ateljé Lyktan
Year: 2015

When Olle Lundberg designed the pendant luminaire Riff, he wanted to create a flexible and versatile luminaire, which could easily be adapted to different environments. He thought about how a car is built, where the bottom plate is the common component of various car models, and what differs them is the expression of design.

The common component of Riff is the so-called light engine, made of die cast zinc (ZAMAK) for good thermal management, and with a LED module and LED protector included, reflecting high quality material in meticulate detail. Diffusers are also included for an even spread of light.

To complete the luminaire, one of three accessories are added – two are in glass and another consists of a decorative mould with an extra diffusing plate. The attachment of the light engine and the accessory is an important part of the production, and is designed so that other kinds of accessories in different materials can be added if needed or if the design requires it. Riff comes in three different sizes and the light engine is painted in black or white.

Stockholms Stadshus

Stockholm Stadshus

Project: Accessibility solution
Service: Destination Design
Client: Statens Fastighetsverk, Stockholm Stad
Year: 2012

The Town Hall is one of the most visited buildings in Stockholm, with more than 300.000 visitors per year. Our assignment was to solve the accessibility to the building so that the entrance is accessible for All - from Noble Prize winners to children and disabled. The building is designed by architect Ragnar Östberg in 1923 and is an architectural masterpiece of its time. The new design solution is a built-in ramp that make as little interference with original design of the stair as possible. The design work is done in close collaboration with architect Håkan Langseth.

Åre Graphics

Åre Graphics

Project: Brand Identity
Service:Brand strategy and Graphic Design
Year:2004 - 2007

Design of a new graphic program for the Åre region and the 2007 championships.

Catwalk Logo

Catwalk Logo

Project: Logo
Service:Brand strategy and Graphic Design

In parallel to the design work of the Catwalk lighting, LundbergDesign was assigned to create its branding, graphic identity and product graphics. The development of the graphic identity and branding, starting with a name analysis and targeting of the product. The sketch phase was inspired by the fashion world, since the main target group is retail. We worked with the technique and placing of the logo on the product and other exposing of the logotype. The target user of the spotlight retail and a focus is the fashion industry. From the target group the name and the logo was developed through storytelling. Development of the graphic identity and branding of the lighting Catwalk for Fagerhult. The target user of the spotlight retail and a focus is the fashion industry. From the target group the name and the logo was developed through storytelling.