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Project: Table and Floor Luminarie
Service: Industrial Design
Client: ateljé Lyktan
Year: 2013

Minimalism, elegance and simplicity were the key elements in the design of Olle Lundberg’s new LED desk lamp, Birdie. The luminaire is based on two sections that are moulded together, with a beautiful finish. There are no fussy details; on the contrary,Birdie is the ultimate in simplicity. Despite the low power of a 7W LED module, Birdie has a high lumen output and easily meets the high requirements of light output in the workplace. Birdie is equipped with a slide dimmer called a “Sweep Dim”, which is situated on top of the lamp housing, and allows you to dim the light from 0-100% to the exact degree. The settings are saved by its memory even after a power cut. “Sometimes technical solutions are truly elegant,” says Olle Lundberg. “They create both function and design”.