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Gröna Tåget

Project: Train Concept
Service: Transportation Design
Client: Gröna Tåget

Olle Lundberg has been the project manager for the Gröna Tåget interior and exterior design project. A great many sub-projects with different aims and directions have been conducted with a focus on passenger´s behavior, needs and perceptions. The purpose of the different design concepts is to constitute an idea bank for train suppliers, operators and other players in the rail industry. The objective was not to create a cohesive finished train but gain deeper knowledge of the the different parts and functions of the train. This creates scope for separate design studies and penetration of a sub-area without their needing to otherwise relate to the train. The design work has generated hundreds of ideas and design concepts that are ready to be developed into final products and services. We have focused on six main areas; Economy class, Premium class, the entrance as a space for communication, a large entrance with access for everyone, the Bistro, and greater luggage capacity.