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Project: Food Containers Service: Industrial Design
Client: IKEA
Year: 2015

The assignment was to make a series of food containers with circular lids that is appetizing to eat from. Our solution was to design bowls that take inspiration from tableware made of porcelain. The white colour of the bowls makes the food feeling fresh, while the grip surfaces strengthen the connection to the traditional tableware with its brim. The lid and the top shape of the bowl are circular while the bottom shape is oval, making the sides tilted at different degrees. The sloping sides make it easier to access the content with the cutlery. The grip surfaces and the soft rim of the smaller bowl make it nice to drink from. The grip surfaces help to safely carry the warm bowl from the microwave to the dining table. They also facilitates the task of putting the bowls in the dishwasher as they can more easily be placed upright together with porcelain plates. and thus avoid ending up with a bowl filled with dirty water. The lid has safe silicone gaskets and a valve that you open up when heating. The bowls stack deeply into one another when empty and stand firmly on top of each other when they are in use.