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Project: Post and Bollard Luminarie
Service: Industrial Design
Client: ateljé Lyktan
Year: 2014

Designer Olle Lundberg has added a new park luminaire – Linx – to ateljé Lyktan's outdoor product range. Lundberg has created a minimalist luminaire in the modern idiom based on a LED light source. Linx is available as post luminaire or bollard, and both models are equipped with the latest lighting technology. The post version is equipped with wide-beamed lenses that maximise spread, and a high-tech film that diffuses the light. The bollard emits indirect shaded light via a semi-diffuse reflector. The luminaire is ideal along promenades and walkways where symmetric, wellshaded light is strived for. While Linx blends well into the modern landscape, it also creates exciting contrasts with older, more diverse architecture. "Because the eye is drawn toward light, it's important that the luminaire doesn't dazzle; the light must be there, but no glare," says Olle Lundberg.