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Project: Bollard and Wall Luminarie
Service: Industrial Design
Client: Platek
Year: 2012

Moon is an outdoor lighting that is inspired by modern architecture, with its simplicity and basic shapes. The harmony lies in the relationship between the circle and the square. The purpose of the lighting is not to invade or violate the surroundings - it should complement and enhance them. The light source that comes from the negative space, enhances the building in an airy way. The design enables a bidirectional light and creates a kind of corona effect around the hole in the luminaire. Moon is a modular construction, meaning that the lamp head can be used as the top of a bollard as well as a wall mounted luminaire. The Moon family consists of bollards in two heights, 800 mm and 1100 mm and a wall model which can be fitted vertically or horizontally, depending on the impression you want to create.