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Södra Cell Mörrum

Project: Factory tour and Safety Campaign
Service: Destination Design
Client: Södra Cell Mörrum
Year: 2013
As the use of paper declines, the paper pulp industries are starting to explore new markets and offer new pulp grades. Recently, Södra Cell Mörrum factory started to produce a new textile pulp used to produce viscose fibre. LundbergDesign helped Mörrum factory to get prepared for the launch of this new product. In prevision of a large number of visitors to come at Mörrum factory, a visiting tour was developed around the mill. The tour has been developed to fit both the international visitors coming on place to develop new business contacts and the local visitors, including school classes. Under eight main subjects, the visiting tour presents Södra Cell Mörrum’s identity, strengths, purpose and production process. The visitors are invited to follow a guide around the mill. A green line on the ground marks the entire path of the tour.

The information given is supported by a series of posters, identified by a common logo. For a maximal impact and accuracy, the posters present employees and working situations from Södra Mörrum factory. In parallel to the visiting tour, our team has also worked to refresh the mill’s interior and exterior. A new lighting system has been installed in order to enhance the visual comfort and safety of the working environment. A colour guide has been developed to refresh the floor, walls, machines, etc; making the working place safer and also aesthetically more appealing. A series of pictograms has been developed to improve the orientation trough the mill. Outside, some fence and signs has been installed to ensure security of pedestrians. A series of posters have been developed to promote safety at work. A safety logo identifies the poster linked to the safety communication. The posters communicate directly to the workers, using short and memorable statements. To ensure a maximum of impact, the photos of the posters were taken on site with Mörrum´s employees. The strong and constant concept behind each poster ensures an effective and positive connection with the employees.